The New Me!

Welcome Everyone!

This is my first post as a Social Enterprise Consultant and as exciting as it sounds, it’s probably best to really describe what exactly it is in my mind and how it works. According to The Social Traders, a social enterprise employs the use of the market place to solve the most pressing societal problems. It is a public or community driven cause that derives from social, environmental or even economic factors. In regards to this, the consultant of a social enterprise is essentially the manager or the beating heart of the community that they have forged and attempt to promote conversation between like-minded people with similar goals. In my mind they are the curator of an online community, the governing voice, the custodian.

And that, is what I will be attempting to do in this online space. I will attempt to drive people to action and communicate through this medium.

Despite the benefits that enterprise 2.0 provides, there are a number of draw backs that can greatly limit its potential at each part of a community’s lifecycle.
This includes:

  • Security
  • Loss of Control
  • Productivity
  • Reliability
  • Resources
  • Reputation

Most commonly, social enterprises end up growing far too rapidly for the owners to efficiently micro manage the content that is published and information that is shared by the readers/ users. However, not employing the use of enterprise 2.0 can drastically reduce one’s competitiveness, allow fragmentation of knowledge and unauthorised use of web tools.
Overall, enterprise 2.0 is too dangerous not to include in today’s market due to how far behind you could potentially be when compared to your competitors.

On another note, as a person, I’ve discovered that I’m quite shy and introverted, but by disseminating my posts and inviting others to comment on my work and provide constructive feedback I believe I can positively shape a community through my identity, sharing information and manufacturing conversations.
Hopefully, by producing a combination of my personality and the basic laws of attraction I can not only construct a functioning online community, but also maintain one.
Furthermore, this community will be following Schawbel. D (2009)’s guide on personal web 2.0 branding, due to it’s effectiveness at building this empire from scratch.
By utilizing the six steps dictated in the blog, I will hopefully climb over the initial hurdles known to plague start-up online communities: ‘Starting-up’, ‘Attracting and socializing new members’ and lastly ‘encouraging commitment’.
Through these techniques I will begin forging my name through the vast expanse of the internet.

Subsequently, this community will take heavy inspiration from Kotaku as it is a personal favourite and does an exceptional job on reporting the news of not just the gaming world, but announcements of the anime and comic variety. Kotaku maintain the loss of control and security through employing a plethora of talented journalists, who create their own online communities within this larger hub. As a result, there is an extensive quantity of variation within Kotaku and each post that is uploaded, thus, creating diversity throughout the business model. Lastly, it is a very informal and relaxed collaboration of bloggers as each one is just as heavily invested in the topic at hand as their readers are.
Overall, I hope to mimic this effect to the best of my ability here as I attempt to create a venue for people to come together and devise intelligent relationships.

Thanks for reading!



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